Print Ideas for Your 2023 Events

Check out this list of event-planning essentials to help make your 2023 events a hit. For those living near the San Diego area, Replica Print and Copy can help you print any essential items for your big event.

Leaflets & Flyers

Consider handing out leaflets and flyers to attract a big crowd to your event. Flyers are a single page of information with an attention-grabbing design. Leaflets have multiple pages and provide a more in-depth look at the event.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to making your flyers/leaflets at Replica. You can pick from different sizes, formats, types of paper, etc.

Business Card

Business cards are useful for making connections at formal events, as they provide information about you or your company. A well-designed business card creates a strong impression that can stick with those you meet at your upcoming events this year.

Replica’s expert printing team can turn your custom design into a professional-looking business card printed with high-quality ink.


Banners are versatile decorations for indoor and outdoor events. They are useful tools that can attract the eye of those passing by or direct guests to the correct location. They are also amazing at giving shoutouts to sponsors, increasing brand awareness, and delivering your brand’s message.  No matter if your event is big or small, professional or casual, or indoor or outdoor, banners are one of the best tools to use in 2023.

Replica offers a variety of banners, including vinyl and retractable options, to meet your individual needs. Our banners can be as large as you need without compromising on quality.

Thank You Cards

Thank you cards show your guests that their attendance meant something to you. This is especially important for formal events where you need to make a lasting impact. They help show your sincere appreciation and help create loyalty.

Replica is the leading provider of custom-made thank you cards in San Diego at an affordable price, delivered conveniently and with high quality. This allows you to express gratitude to business partners and customers without compromising the card’s sincerity.


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