Synthetic Paper Printing in San Diego

Non-Tear Oversize Media

Posters are a great way to announce everything from upcoming performances to monthly featured restaurant specials. These oversize media announcements are generally posted for lengthy periods in high-traffic areas, so if you need your posters or prints to stand the test of time, opting for non-tear printing is the way to go. Providing San Diego customers across various industries with high-quality weather-resistant products, synthetic paper printing has made revolutionary advancements in the print industry.

Printing on synthetic paper offers up a wide range of advantages. Not only is the material extremely durable, but it also has a distinctly luxurious feel to it. Because synthetic paper is composed of plastic, it is tear-proof, waterproof, and heatproof – making it a perfect option for weather-resistant printing. In addition to the featured durability and weather-resistant characteristics, non-tear, water-proof printing allows us to eliminate the need for additional finishing after printing. This means your vibrant prints will be lightweight, flexible, and unhindered by lamination.

Never tear, water-proof printing enables you to say goodbye to lamination for good. While lamination is typically a great addition to aid in the protection of delicate prints, it often reduces the look and feel or the desired outcome of a print. Sometimes lamination will crack and peel, leaving you with unattractive prints. Synthetic paper printing provides you with all the protective qualities of lamination without the increased weight and decreased visibility. Don’t need non-tear media? View our other large format printing services!

Synthetic Paper Printing San Diego

Replica San Diego employs a committed team of industry professionals who understand that detail and quality are of utmost importance. It is our goal as experts to bring you quality, fast, and affordable options for non-tear printing in San Diego. Our team will work with you directly to ensure that your order is accurate and complete, and depending on your order details you may be qualified for special offers. Take advantage of the unique qualities of synthetic paper printing and place your order with Replica San Diego today!

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