Benefits of Digital Printing

A beginner’s guide to the Benefits of Digital Printing

So you’re looking into Digital Printing, but you’re not sure how to start. Look no further, as we present the beginner’s guide to using Digital Printing and copy materials and services for business, professional, and personal printing or copy needs.

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Benefits of Using Digital Printing: Why print digital?

There are multiple benefits to using digital printing and copy materials and services, both professionally and for personal projects. Digital printing can enhance sales and marketing potential for small businesses and startups, improve brand name recognition, expand marketing and advertising campaigns, and help generate new investors and clients for any size company, type of product or service. Here are some of the many benefits of using digital printing rather than traditional type-set or lithograph printing options.

  • Saves Time: Faster turnaround than type-setting and lithograph with no pre-setup required.
  • Saves Money: While digital printing service costs may be slightly higher, the cost-increase is offset by the savings in production costs. Digital prints don’t require any expensive print equipment like film plates, photo chemicals, and extended processing time or set-up fees. Digital files can be reused again and again with just a digital print file and a copier.
  • Eco-Friendly: With new age print through a digital approach, there is no need for toxic chemicals like fountain solutions or alcohol-based substitutes.
  • VDP (Variable Data Printing)VDP provides unique code, name, and addresses and is only available through digital printing. Using VDP has been found to be a more effective marketing tool than generic marketing by industry experts.

How to Use Digital Print & Copy: There are several ways to print digital materials to enhance your project or business. From corporate brand-building, employee and product manuals, board meetings and classroom presentations, special event displays, marketing, advertisement, direct mail campaigns, simply creative or personal projects at home, there are many benefits of digital printing and copying that can be an effective tool to use. Here are a few basic examples of digital printing uses that will improve the impact and effectiveness of your printed materials and some basic tips for the best digital printing and copying services and materials to use for your printing needs.

Digital Printing for Businesses & Marketing Materials: While it’s true online shopping for products and services and reliance on social media for marketing and customer expansion continues to grow, the use of printed digital materials can still play a vital role in both business and professional endeavors. Improving customer contact, effective marketing strategies, and business expansion projects often include print and hard-copy materials in their plans. Taking advantage of these benefits from digital printing is a key part of that success.

  • Business Cards & Stationery: When it comes to business cards, it’s important to have ample supply that is dynamic and eye-catching while remaining consistent with company branding, logo design, font, and color usage. Using digital printing can help streamline the look of all company materials, so it’s important to print with the same high-quality digital printing services for consistency and quality. This helps build brand name recognition and with the right visuals, provide the extra edge needed in a crowded field when first starting out with a new product or business. Another benefit of digital printing is having expert proofing and client approval before printing to ensure the final product is what you initially intended. Personalized stationery should follow these same guidelines. Using a digital printing service that provides multiple options with custom designing is key.
  • Brochures & Newsletters: The key to company brochures and newsletters is custom designs and consistency. Brochures can act as an effective sales pitch for your company, brand or product and create consistency between online and printed digital designs. This will solidify and improve branding, name-recognition, and customer growth. Brochures can be used as marketing tools for trade shows, in-store information guides, for direct-mail campaigns, new product launches, special sales promotions or as an advertisement for the company. Newsletters can act as a great company-employee contact tool for important information as well as for clients and customers through direct-mail campaigns. Depending on the focus of the brochure or newsletter, custom designs, layouts, folds, and panels can amplify specific information or service promotions. Different sizes, paper stock, fonts and color options should be available as well.
  • Large Format Digital Prints: Another benefit of digital printing is its ability to compliment large format printable materials. High-quality, full-color digital prints with clear details, lettering and applicable formatting can be used for a number of large print products, including:
    • Trade Show Banners
    • Posters
    • Architectural/Interior Design/Blue Prints

Other Printing & Copy Services: When choosing a digital printing service to use, look for some of the additional features and service offers:

  • Lamination
  • Mounting
  • Binding
  • Notary
  • Weekend Service
  • Bulk Printing
  • Same-Day Service
  • Emergency/24-Hour Rush Jobs
  • Account/in-Store Credit Options
  • Special Consumer Discounts

Methods for Receiving/Printing Digital Media: There are several ways to receive digital materials for print or copy. PDF files are generally compatible with most copy center equipment and do not require any extra applications for printing digital materials and designs. Other compatible file types for digital printing that can be used at copy centers, in house, or for personal printing include:

  • doc
  • jpg
  • png
  • tiff
  • gif
  • ai
  • psd

These benefits of digital printing services and more are available through Replica San Diego Digital Print & Copy. To learn more about what we offer or for a free quote for services, visit us online at, or call: (858) 457-9500 to speak with a digital printing expert today!

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