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Have you ever wondered how you can make your own carbonless forms? Well, Replica is the carbonless forms expert you have been looking for! Allow for you and your company to have custom handwritten receipts or agreement forms. Our custom carbonless forms allow you to have full customization options including the number of sheets, the color of sheets, size, and custom design (of course).

Custom NCR forms can really make processes more efficient or make the right impression to a potential customer if you use forms for estimates or other customer prospect documentation. You can even make custom carbonless forms for specific events or sales so that your accountant can further differentiate those pesky handwritten receipts.

Whether you need a custom NCR invoice book or any form of carbonless form printing, call Replica and start designing your carbonless NCR pad today! Our professional print shop is well-versed in NCR printing services and MANY other print & copy services.

NCR Printing Services San Diego

What is NCR?

The acronym NCR in the printing industry stands for No Carbon Required; this is a special type of paper that is the modern-day replacement to the old fashioned and messy blue carbon paper that was used to make duplicates, usually found in invoice and order pads.

With NCR paper there is no mess at all, the back of the first sheet is coated with micro-encapsulated dye. The face of the second sheet is coated with a clay that quickly reacts with the dye to form a permanent mark. Any further sheets needed are coated with clay on top and dye on the bottom allowing for 2, 3, 4, or even more copies of the original sheet.

When the top copy is written on the pressure of the pen/pencil (or dot matrix printer) makes the coating on the reverse of the top sheet react with the coating on the face of the bottom sheet, causing the micro-capsules to break and spill their dye, as the capsules are so small, the print obtained on subsequent sheets is very accurate.

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