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Rounded Corners

There’s something luxurious about the feel of fresh prints with rounded edges. When you add rounded corners to your printed project, not only is it an affordable upgrade but a memorable, sophisticated one. Friends, colleagues, peers, and business partners will notice your name when your business cards stand out in a sea of regular, square-cornered cards. For cards that need to be able to withstand some extra wear and tear, the option to print rounded edges is especially powerful. You can keep your business cards looking shiny and new for longer when you round the corners, as it helps to prevent cards from looking worn as a result of frequent use.

Although business cards are the most common product to be printed with rounded edges, it’s possible to have rounded corner printing completed for other advertising materials as well. Rounded corners make a great addition to postcards, announcements, invitations, bookmarks, and even flyers. The presence of rounded corners helps to soften any sharp designs, as well as reduce the risk of papercuts.

With rounded corner printing, each rounded corner has a specific corner radius. The most common is a radius of 0.25 inches. Because this small amount is cut off from the printed project, it is important to remember to have the files designed correctly to accommodate this. At Replica San Diego, we recommend leaving an extra 1/16th of an inch for cutting tolerance so that you’ll have peace of mind knowing that nothing important will be cut off during the finishing process.

Rounded Corner Printing San Diego

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