All  UCSD teachers and students get a 25% discount at Replica.

Just mention the coupon code: UCSD25 to get your 25% discount.


Student and Teacher Printing

Replica Digital Print and Copy values the important work that students and teachers do and is committed to supporting your educational journey by providing efficient printing services. Whether you want to print classroom materials, assignments, or other important documents, you can rely on Replica to deliver exceptional results.

At Replica, we understand the importance of meeting your printing needs as a student or teacher. Hence, we provide reliable, efficient, and cost-effective printing services specifically designed for students and teachers.

We pride ourselves in offering a wide range of printing services tailored to your educational requirements. Our ultimate goal is to simplify the printing process so you can focus on what truly matters-your busy academic life.


~ Dr. Seuss ~

Today you are You, that is truer than true.
There is no one alive who is Youer than You.


Replica would like to thank and acknowledge all teachers and students for their hard work.

Maybe the results of all the time and dedication you put into teaching and learning aren’t immediately apparent, but we understand that teaching is a profession that launches every career, and learning shapes every student into our future. Therefore, we are showing our appreciation by giving UCSD teachers and students a 25% discount on all their orders when they mention the coupon code.

Along with this discount, we will also provide FREE on-campus delivery.

University printing services are usually available on campus, but they come with poor quality prints and unnecessarily long lines. At Replica San Diego Digital Print & Copy, we not only offer university printing services at higher quality, but our student and teacher discounts make this the most affordable option.

Replica Delivery

Note: *you can only use one type of special or discount per order.

We are located less than 15 minutes from the UCSD campus.

All it takes is a quick explanation of your specific request for university printing services, the flash of your student or teacher discounts, and an address for us to drop off your professional printing job right to your door.

Replica will continue to strive towards providing quality tools and services that will help merge teaching and learning together.Replica

High-Quality Document Printing

One of our most crucial services is high-quality document printing. We employ state-of-the-art digital printers to produce professional-looking black-and-white or full-color prints. We offer various paper options to suit your preferences, from premium to standard quality.

We offer a wide range of student printing services to cater to various needs. Whether you need to print research papers, class presentations, essays, or study guides, we’ve got you covered at Replica. Our advanced printers ensure sharp and accurate prints in different paper options.

Superior Binding Services

Our superior binding services are designed to enhance the professionalism and durability of your work. Most binding options, such as spiral, hardcore, or comb, are designed to give your projects a polished finish. This is useful for thesis submissions, final reports, and other projects that require a more sophisticated presentation.

For students who need additional assistance in presenting their work professionally,  we offer binding and laminating services. This can help protect your important documents from wear and tear, allowing you to use them for extended periods.

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