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Direct mail in San Diego is one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising. With a proper examination of your business’s target demographic, you can send out large amounts of advertising mail pieces to your consumers. In times when individuals are confined to their homes during a crisis, direct mail printing and mailing services may be more effective in reaching them.

Replica’s Direct Mail Printing Services

Prompt purchase and entice engagement with direct mailing!

Consumers feel a personal message from the company when direct mail is sent to them. If your business has an incredible mission statement for its consumers, this method may be the best way to advertise. Furthermore, due to the design, name printing, and color of direct mail, consumers are much more likely to open and engage with direct mail. Engagement with direct mail is maybe 10 to 30 times higher than engagement with digital! The desired outcome of direct mail is for consumers to purchase something from your business. An additional bonus to direct mail printing and mailing services is that consumers are also likely to engage with your website, social media, or even visit your location in person!

Direct Mailing Objectives

  • Attract potential customers
  • Entice existing customers
  • Inform & educate customers
  • Prompt purchase
  • Introduction of new services/products
  • Promote a product/service
  • Fundraisers
  • Motivate voters
  • Build brand awareness

Direct Mailing Tips

  • Create visual appeal, eye candy
  • Personalize with a name
  • Use a tight, clean contact list
  • Appeal directly to the demographic
  • Write great headlines and copy
  • Ask for action, several times
  • Use quality materials
  • Tell the truth, no “fine print”
  • Avoid “free money” claims

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At Replica, we use high-quality ink and printing techniques to make sure your direct mail is unparalleled in the market. However, we do not sacrifice quality when we offer our direct mail printing and mailing services at an affordable price. We have worked with small, medium, and large businesses to produce exceptional printing materials with over 20 years of professional experience. We understand how text, images, and logos work together to complete a full “picture” of your business. This makes understanding the consumer easy. Have a brochure, flyer, or postcard you want to send your prospective customers? Contact Replica for direct mail services and we will make sure your direct mail in San Diego gets sent right to your customers!

Direct Mailing in San Diego FAQ & Tips

How Do I Submit My Mailing List?
Excel file format is the best way to submit your address mailing list.
Email your Excel file to:
How Do I Submit My Artwork for Direct Mailing Printing And Mailing Services?
Artwork should be submitted in PDF format to minimize file issues.
Files tend to move and change on different computers. Not all computers have the same exact font or version of a program, so things tend to change/move. PDF file format will reduce the chances of this happening.
Email your PDF to:
Communicate New Information
You could also use direct mailing printing and mailing services to communicate announcements or new information about your business or to update existing customers on an important development. A change of location is significant enough, for instance, that you might want to run a campaign to your existing customer database to let them know how to find you after the move. Big sales events and new product launches are other possibilities for mail communication.
Know Your Target Audience
Who are your audience? Where will you be sending your mailer and why? When you narrow your target audience and message, your campaign will resonate with its message clearly and effectively.
Build Brand Awareness
If your company is new, or you are attempting to reach a new market, brand awareness is an important first objective. You want the people in your target market to become familiar with your brand, your business, and solutions. Beyond the direct benefits of customer acquisition, awareness contributes to word-of-mouth buzz in the marketplace.
If increased awareness is your objective, put time and effort into creating a quality piece. You want to instill an impression that is strong and positive to enhance your market vibe. A strong reputation contributes to success in reaching all other marketing communication goals with direct mailing printing and mailing services.
Why Does It Work?
It works because unlike the digital clutter(emails/spams) we’ve come to avoid, direct mail in San Diego taps into the positive psychology of receiving a physical gift.
Drive Leads
One of the more common direct mailing printing and mailing services objectives is new customer acquisition. You want to drive leads by letting prospects with specific needs and interests know about the benefits of your company, products, and solutions. To achieve lead acquisition goals, it is imperative that you precisely target the right people with the right messages. Know the deep needs and emotional concerns of prospects, and craft a piece that quickly gets at the core of them. Indicate the primary benefit or benefits that matter most to a segmented market.
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