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Booklets and pamphlets are a great way to provide lots of useful information to your audience all in one place. Custom booklets and pamphlets enable you to organize helpful info and spread the word about your products and services at trade shows and events, or help customers keep important documents such as sales process information in a safe place with your contact details built-in. At Replica San Diego, we have tons of professional templates to choose from that will help you get your message out, or you can provide your own unique design and we’ll handle the process of custom pamphlet & booklet printing in San Diego.

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With a ton of room for content, stylish booklets will ensure your customers and prospects have all the information they need about your products, services, or events. Create cost-effective catalogs, event guides, company brochures, design portfolios, and more. You’ll love the results.

Custom Pamphlet & Booklet Printing San Diego

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If you’re submitting your own design for custom pamphlet & booklet printing in San Diego, make sure that the pages are labeled correctly and that blank pages are included when you submit your PDF file to us. You’ll want to adjust a few things within your file before submitting, including:

  • Colors. We print in CMYK, so any Pantone or RGB colors will be converted when we print and can lose their vibrancy. We recommend designing with CMYK, to begin with!
  • Resolution. It might increase your file size, but booklets and pamphlets need to be at least 300dpi in order to show properly in print without pixelation.
  • Bleeds. The outside border of your design should have a 1/8″ bleed to ensure that you won’t have white margins where there should be color or images.
  • Margins. Be sure to keep any text 1/2″ away from the margins so that it remains readable and won’t get cut off.
  • Saddle-stitched booklets. Avoid putting text or graphics too close to the “fold” of the book’s spine or near an edge that will be trimmed. Doing so may accidentally cut off part of the booklet’s content.

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Our team is passionate about high-quality printing, and we want to help you make a splash with custom pamphlet & booklet printing in San Diego. We’re committed to providing an affordable printing service that you can count on and we hire experts to make sure we keep that commitment to you. If you need something in a hurry, we’ll happily provide you with a same-day turnaround for all of our products. Contact us today to get started and let our team provide you with the best custom pamphlet & booklet printing in San Diego.

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