Coil, Comb, Velo & Tape Binding Services in San Diego

Binding Services

Binding is a finishing process used to hold a stack of individual pages together to form a book. At Replica we provide you with a variety of bookbinding options to choose from at our local San Diego print shop. Take a look at the different options and choose the one that will fulfill the look and needs of your final product.

Coil Binding at Replica San Diego

Coil Binding


  • Most commonly used bind
  • Similar to a spiral notebook
  • Lays flat when open
  • Folds back 360 degrees
  • Opens back to back
  • Flexible & durable
  • A great solution for odd size projects
  • Fulfills most bind needs


  • 3-Step process (Punch Holes – Coil Pages – Clip Tips)
  • Coil bind is not reusable

NOTES: Coil Bind and Spiral Bind are the same book bind method.

Comb Binding service at Replica San Diego

Comb Binding


  • Second, most commonly used bind
  • Pages are easily added or removed
  • Lays flat when open
  • Comb Bind is reusable
  • Works well with odd sizes
  • Flexible spines tend to keep their shape


  • 2-Step process (Punch Holes – Insert Pages)
  • Pages easily wear and tear if treated roughly

Velo Binding at Replica San Diego

Velo Binding


  • Standard in the Legal Industry
  • Legal briefs, transcripts, and financial reports
  • Difficult to tamper with
  • Easy to file and store
  • Great for infrequently used materials
  • One of the few styles able to binds over 2″ thick
  • Most durable binding


  • 3-Step process (Punch Holes – Insert Pages – Melt Off Plastic Edges)
  • Does not lay flat when open
  • Velo bind is not reusable
  • Content near the spine could be hard to read

Tape Binding at Replica San Diego

Tape Binding


  • 1-Step process (Pre-glued tape is heated to activate – Done!)
  • Easy to file and mail
  • Great for lab manuals, proposals, and reports
  • No holes needed in the binding process
  • For booklets that are occasionally used


  • Can not add or remove pages
  • Not ideal for books over  2″
  • The tape is not reusable

NOTES: Tape Bind and Thermal Bind are the same book bind method.

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