The Definitive Guide to Matte vs. Gloss Laminate

A professionally laminated project will stay looking great longer and save your business money in the long run. Many businesses, from corporations to restaurants to dry cleaners, find that lamination keeps things looking crisp while avoiding reprinting damaged materials.

Protect Your Investments

Lamination protects your projects from everyday wear like moisture damage, tears, and discoloration. Displaying in high-traffic areas, excessive handling and constant sunlight can all lead to your materials getting beaten and used, but lamination can take the brunt of the wear. Brochures, menus and instructions can weather more use when laminated. Trade show handouts, detailed color reports and presentation materials can stand up to getting passed from hand to hand, all while keeping their professional feel.

Is Matte or Gloss Lamination the Better Way to Go?

Our lamination comes in two forms, either matte or gloss laminate. Both have their own benefits, so make sure you’re picking the medium that best suits your needs.

Matte lamination Gloss lamination
Pros: Pros:
– A softer, more sophisticated look without the glaring shine
– Lower contrast on darker colors for easier reading
– A tactile effect that conveys a subtle professionalism
– Offers better protection while handling and displaying
– A clean, shiny finish portrays a high-quality product
– Allows deeper, cleaner lines that provide crisper and more vibrant colors
Cons: Cons:
– The less-reflective finish can diminish the intensity of your colors, which can leave a muted finish
– Not as protective as gloss, and can leave visible scratches and fingerprints
– The colors could lose their pop, leaving them looking a little lighter
– The reflective finish can lead to hard glares where there’s lots of light
– Imperfections like scratches, smudges and damage can catch the sunlight
– Barcodes can be hard to read, and cameras may bounce their flash off the finish

At San Diego’s Replica Digital Print & Copy in San Diego, we offer both gloss and matte lamination so you can choose whatever type you need. Put your trust in our highly trained experts for all your laminating, printing and copying projects.