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Rigid Mailers

When it comes to receiving photos or other printed items in the mail, one of the most frustrating things is receiving them bent, torn, and damaged. The solution to this common delivery problem is rigid mailers. Rigid mailer envelopes help to combat the general bumps and bruises of any postal system by providing a firm cardboard paper surrounding for your precious lightweight cargo. Send various printed graphics and forms with certainty that they will be received in perfect condition.

Stay flat envelopes make a cost-efficient mini-insurance policy for your mail. From custom sales packages and product samples to photos and sensitive documents, you are sure to make a first-class impression on your recipients with our custom printed stay flat mailers. The surface of these stay flat envelopes easily accepts ink, stamps, and labels making it an excellent option for those who want custom printed stay flat mailers. Choose from a variety of colors available (white, black, brown, gold, or custom) and customize to your liking.

Not only do these rigid mailers offer great printability and security, but they also provide convenience to both the sender and the receiver. With a self-seal peel-off adhesive strip your documents will be flying through the mail in no time, and your recipient can easily access the contents upon arrival with the integrated pull-tab tear strip.

Why Choose Replica San Diego for Custom Printed Stay Flat Mailers?

Our team at Replica San Diego is on a mission to provide our customers with the best products and expertise in the digital printing space. We work hard to obtain a quality service level like no other. Regardless of what you’ll be sending in your custom printed stay flat mailers, our team will help and talk you through every part of the order you place today, to make sure we get it exactly right.

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