Custom-Sized FoamCore Laminating & Mounting in San Diego

Laminating & Mounting Finishing Options

Laminating and mounting services for your posters and large format prints will preserve them and allow them to stand up and demand attention at your next San Diego event.

  • Black or White Foam Core Board
  • Gloss or Matte Laminate
  • Easels
Custom-Sized FoamCore Laminating & Mounting San Diego

Should I use Matte or Gloss Lamination?

Both matte and gloss lamination provide added protection to your projects. Laminating services can take your San Diego business to the next level, and determining whether you need matte or gloss finish can make the difference between whether you are spreading the right message or not. Read the pros and cons to help you determine which one will give the finished look you want.

*The image below illustrates the difference between MATTE and GLOSS.

Custom-Sized FoamCore Laminating & Mounting San Diego

It all comes down to personal preference and what you are trying to achieve when choosing between matte and gloss for your laminating services in San Diego. Matte lamination provides a sophisticated high-class look. Gloss lamination will get attention with brighter colors and a more visible shine.




  • A subtle, tactile effect that oozes quality with a sophisticated look.
  • Sophisticated and classy look without the shiny.
  • Matte lamination can produce lower contrast on darker colors, resulting in an overall softer look.
  • It does not reflect light.


  • Less reflective finish can lessen the intensity of color, producing a more “washed-out” or muted palette.
  • Does not provide the same level of protection as gloss lamination, prone to scratching and fingerprints.
  • Colors look lighter.



  • Glossy and reflective allows it to grab attention that implies a richer product.
  • Visually stunning, deeper, cleaner and crisper lines and gives color vibrancy.
  • Repels dust, dirt, and fingerprints – easy to clean.
  • Reflects light and shouts for attention.


  • Reflective nature makes it harder to see in a room with bright light sources.
  • Imperfections catch light and draw attention. (scuff, scratches, indents)
  • Colors look darker.

Mounting Posters On Foam Core Boards

Poster and large format mounting on foam core boards are a crisp way to display your digital printing at presentations, in-home décor, or for corporate events. You have a selection between white or black foam core boards. *To add a finished look with protection, you have the option of having it laminated as well.

Custom-Sized FoamCore Laminating & Mounting San Diego
Mounting posters at Replica



  • Enhances your presentations, posters, and other projects
  • Used for small and large displays
  • Used in conventions & corporate events
  • Light weight – but strong
  • Light weight – easy to hang on walls
  • Easy way to display large format prints
  • Adds long lasting indoors use
  • Lamination can be added
  • Easels can be added
  • Easy to cut
  • Sturdy


  • Short-term outdoor use
  • Not waterproof
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