Cheap Black & White Copies with Replica’s Saturday Special

It’s the weekend, and you need a big amount of copies, but don’t want to spend a big amount of money. Don’t worry! When you’re in a pinch on Saturday, Replica can help.

Create all the black and white copies you need at our special Saturday price. For just 3 cents per page, you can fulfill your bulk order with our affordable weekend printing service.

Scenario 1:
Your neighborhood garage sale is on Sunday. The volunteer to make the flyers didn’t come through, just like you expected. Well, now it’s on your shoulders to get thousands of flyers made in time to let everyone know where the sale is! Replica has you covered. We can make sure you have the material to canvas your entire city before those garage doors open on Sunday morning.

Scenario 2:
Your fundraiser picnic is Saturday afternoon. The pavilion is booked, the food is waiting, and the speech is written. But your informational handouts just got doused with spilled lemonade, and they’re all ruined. Not to worry. Replica is here on Saturdays to make sure you have thousands of handouts ready by the time the first hungry patron shows up, without breaking your foundation’s budget.

Scenario 3:
Maybe you aren’t in a rush, but you sure are smart with your money. You’ve got a company-wide meeting next week, and you’ll need several hundred copies of your proposal to hand out to the troops. You always plan ahead, and you know exactly how many of each page you’ll need to make sure your ideas make it around to everyone. Replica can help you reach your goals, and at a discounted price to normal weekday rates. 

Weekend Printing Service

So whatever your reason, and whatever your budget, come get a quote on cheap black and white copies from Replica San Diego Digital Print & Copy. With our weekend printing service, we’ll make sure you get exactly what you need, at a price fit for a Saturday.


  • Minimum $10.00 copy purchase.
  • Price is per impression, Black & white on 20 lb paper.
  • Originals must be able to auto-feed.
  • It cannot be applied to other discounted pricing.
  • All orders must be pre-paid.
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