Creating the Perfect Custom Invitation Printing for Your Event

One of the best ways to create a feeling of inclusion and connection within your company is by hosting a corporate or business event. Events bring people together and provide your employees and customers a chance to let down their hair and build relationships that go beyond that of business. A great way to take that level of connection one step further is to customize your event invitations. Custom invitations add show people just how important they are to you and show them that they’re valued.

Remember how excited we use to get when we got something in the mail? Harness that excitement once more by sending your clients something they can get excited about: a party invitation! The invitations are just as important as the event itself, and below, we’ll go over everything you need to know to create the perfect custom invitation for your next event!

The Importance of an Invitation

Invitations hold all of the information necessary for the event, and they allow people to plan ahead and prepare for your big get together.

Why Should I Customize My Invitations?

Customized invitations show that you and your company were thinking of that guest specifically. They matter to you and they’re not just another number.

What Should be Included in the Invitation?

Your invitations should very clearly include the following:

  • Who: Who is hosting the event? Is it you, your business, or one of your clients?
  • What: What type of event is this? Is there a theme? Is it a convention, grand opening, client appreciation, etc.?
  • Where: Where is the event going to be? Make sure to include the address and contact information for the location and the hosts of the event.
  • When: Give the exact date and time frame for the event.
  • Why: Why are you hosting this event, and what can your guests expect?

Address Your Invitations

Make sure to address your invitation to your guest using their names, instead of ‘To Our Valued Customer,’ or any other generic and impersonal greeting. The use of your guests name on your custom printed envelopes will make them feel more important and will increase their chances of attending your event.

Take Time to Create the Right Design

One of the benefits of customized printed event invitations is the countless design possibilities that you have at your fingertips. Once you have established the details of your event, you can design your invitations. You want to make sure that the design choice you make matches the tone and style of your event too. It can be confusing for your guests if you’re hosting a Roaring 20s themed party, but the invitation has more of a 90s party vibe. Consistency is key.

At Replica San Diego Digital Print & Copy, we can handle all your printing and copying needs – from the invitations themselves to the envelopes. When it’s time for you to start planning your companies next big event, contact us to print your customized invitations!