Direct Mail Envelope Design

Remember when getting mail used to be fun? As children, there was nothing more exciting than finding an envelope in your parent’s sea of mail that was addressed just to you. Whether it was a birthday card from a distant relative, a letter from a penpal, or a notice from school, the excitement still buzzed the same.

As adults, we now trudge to the mailbox with dread. Stack in hand, we look at that sea of mail and think, “When will it end?”

Your business is too important to have its thoughtfully-designed advertisements shoved in the back of a stack of coupons and bills. How can you make your paper mail stand out in a world increasingly dominated by email? With direct mail envelope design.

What is Direct Mail Envelope Design?

Simply put, direct mail envelope design is a way for you to make your mail stand out. It’s adding a brilliant pop of color, or a cute image, or an extra window allowing the recipient a sneak-peek at the great content that awaits them inside that envelope.

In direct mail envelope design, the possibilities are endless. Your envelope still has to meet USPS thickness standards in order to run through their postal machines, but that’s no problem. We still have a variety of customization options to suit your needs:

  • Paper in varying stock weights and colors
  • Custom image print design
  • Additional windows, giving your customer a preview of your content
  • Customized phrases, designed to snag the customer’s attention right a their first glance
  • And so much more

Appealing Envelopes for Direct Mail Help Get Mail Opened

By making direct mail envelopes visually striking and intriguing, you’re increasing the likelihood of engagement. People are much more likely to open a vibrant envelope with a catchy phrase and image printed on the outside, than yet another standard, white envelope in their stack of white envelopes. Here are some tips to make appealing direct mail envelope design that stands out:

  • Make it visually appealing – choose a color or design that catches your customer’s eye
  • Personalize for your brand with a name or tag line
  • Give the customer a next step with a call to action that gets them interested
  • Avoid false claims or attention-grabbing phrases – the truth is often your best tool

Remember, the goal of your envelope is to interest the customer. You want this design to not only bring in new customers, but keep existing ones loyal to your business. A direct mail envelope design can bring in new business for you by introducing or promoting your product or service, building brand awareness, and motivating your customer to make a purchase.

How Can Replica Help?

Trying to keep your competitive edge in the marketplace sometimes comes down to just one thing: customer acquisition costs. You may be thinking, “Why would I pay to design a custom envelope when a standard, white envelope will work just fine to get my mail delivered?”

At Replica, we believe in bringing you the highest quality without breaking the bank. We use top-quality ink and printing techniques to make appealing envelopes for direct mail that set your envelopes above the rest, providing the best color envelope for direct mail.

We work with all sizes of business – small, medium, large – to provide effective and brilliant printed materials and to organize your direct mail services in San Diego. With over 20 years of professional experience, we know what works and what doesn’t. When you work with us, it’s a collaboration.

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