Alternative Uses for Custom Business Cards

Even in today’s increasingly digital world with more and more services moving online, custom business cards are still one of the best ways to get your brand name out there and give you opportunities to get creative and stand out amongst your competitors. In many ways, custom business cards are better than other forms of digital marketing because they’re more visible and can’t be blocked on a website or filtered out of an email folder. Additionally, great custom business cards won’t just get you noticed – they’ll drive sales too.

The more creative your business card, the better chance you have of standing out and driving sales, so check out these alternative uses for business cards and see what you can do to expand your marketing repertoire.

Appointment Cards

Branded appointment reminders will serve as a helpful reminder to customers, minimizing no-shows, while also promoting your business. This kind of alternative use for business cards works best for businesses like hair salons, doctor or dentist’s offices, personal trainers or gyms that offer workout classes, mechanics, and real estate agencies. In the design process, be sure to leave space for the time, date, and other information pertaining to the appointment, so your employees have room to write it down.

Loyalty Cards

Incorporating a benefit into your custom business cards is a great way to get repeat business while also promoting it. Cards like these will reward a customer’s loyalty to your business, typically with a free item or discount after a certain number of visits. Loyalty cards are also commonly referred to as “punch” or “stamp” cards because employees will punch or stamp the card when a customer makes a purchase as a visual representation of how far away they are from getting a reward.

Find A Clever Way To Reuse Them

No list of alternative uses for business cards would be complete without mentioning how they can be reused to save on paper. These custom business cards can easily become bookmarks, gift tags, or labels, but if you’re wanting to put in a little bit of work, you can make some awesome DIY creations with them! You can use them to create an art piece or collage to hang in your business or use them as scrap paper for your own personal projects like scrapbooking.