Give the Graduation Gift of Business Cards

After graduating, many former students will be reaping the success of their academic success by starting a new job. Others may still be searching for one, but that shouldn’t diminish what they’ve achieved academically. This academic achievement is certainly worthy of celebration, and with celebration comes gifts. While giving business cards as a graduation gift isn’t as common as something like a new piece of technology, an inspirational book, or plain cash, they’re a great option you should consider.

Why give graduation business cards?

Graduation business cards are a gift your graduate can start using immediately, either at their current position or during interviews and networking events while they search for a that will get their career off to a good start. Business cards for graduates will set them apart from other candidates and help them feel more professional, giving them more confidence to nail their interviews.

Graduation business cards are especially great for the business-minded graduate who is looking to start their own business, grow one they started while in school or just has a passion for the industry.

As you can see, business cards for graduates can make for a pretty useful gift, but what do you put on their card?

What should I put on my graduate’s business card?

Let’s start with the obvious – you’ll want to have their name and email address. Whether a phone number is included or not is up to you. If your graduate is constantly on their cellphone, then adding their number makes sense, but if you and others struggle to get ahold of them that way, then just stick with the email for contact information. You should also include their degree as well as a link to their LinkedIn account if they have one. Consider creating a QR code that’ll take others right to their profile when scanned.

Graduation business cards can be hard to make if you want to surprise the recipient instead of telling them about the gift and then getting all the information you need after, but if you’re savvy enough, you can get all you need from friends and family.

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