Drive Brand Loyalty Through the Mailbox

Businesses small and large are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to create brand loyalty in consumers, and the prominence and pervasiveness of marketing in the digital space has reinvigorated an older technique – direct mail. While building brand loyalty with direct mail isn’t particularly new or innovative, it’s recently become reinvigorated because of the cluster of ads in the digital space and can be a refreshing change for consumers and businesses alike. Read on to learn more about how you can build loyalty through the mail and how Replica’s direct mailing services can help.

Brand loyalty with direct mail can be easily built for several reasons. Firstly, direct mail offers a much more personal touch than most modern digital marketing techniques. Rather than an image popping up on a screen because it was programmed to do so, the time and effort that went into designing and sending a physical piece of mail are more evident to consumers, and they’ll feel less like a targeted consumer and more like a valued customer. 

Secondly, you can build brand loyalty with direct mail because it stays in front of customers longer. Unlike ads in the digital space that can be restricted or blocked using ad-blocking software, a piece of mail that is much more visible can be passed through different hands in a household. It will also likely end up on a desk, coffee, table, or countertop for days or weeks, giving your brand repeated, consistent exposure that puts you in the minds of consumers.

The relationship between customer loyalty & direct mail is evident, but what kinds of mail best help you build a loyal customer base? From our experience, we recommend brand advocacy postcards that encourage engagement within a customer community, special discounts that are only available with a code found on the piece of mail, and helpful reminders about upcoming sales, events, new products, or scheduled services. Sending holiday greeting cards is another great way to build brand loyalty with direct mail as well.

At Replica, we can help you build brand loyalty with direct mail with our direct mailing services. We make building customer loyalty & direct mail design easier than ever before! Contact us at 858-457-9500 to learn more.