How to Stand Out with Trade Show Graphics

In today’s increasingly digitized society, where marketing has become concentrated on the screens of mobile devices and laptops, trade shows can seem like a relic of a bygone era. However, it’s because of that hyper concentration of digital marketing that the value of person-to-person networking and relationship building is so important. Many companies both, large and small, realize this and try to make their trade show graphics really stand out so they can catch more eyes and attract more people to their booth. Follow these trade show graphic tips to ensure your graphics pop whether they are retractable banners or posters!

  1. Showcase Brand Personality

You’ve likely spent a lot of time developing your brand’s personality, so make sure your trade show graphics communicate it effectively! Your brand’s personality has likely been designed with a certain target demographic in mind, so if your trade show graphics reflect it, then you should be attracting the right kind of people.

  • Factor in Color Psychology into your Design

If you aren’t aware of what color psychology is, it’s the study of how different colors, shades, and hues can affect human behavior and emotion. For example, red is a very intense and passionate color that grabs attention but also conveys feelings of energy and hostility. Blue puts people at ease and conveys trust and reliability. When working on trade show graphics, keep color psychology in mind, so the color scheme of your graphic doesn’t clash with the message.

  • Find a focal point

One of the most important trade show graphic tips we can give you is to ensure there’s a focal point in your display. The focal point is where people’s eyes will get naturally drawn towards, ensuring they notice your display since their eyes will come to a stop at your graphic when scanning the event space. Since it’s the element of your graphic that’s sure to be noticed, make sure it relays important information.

With all these trade show graphic tips, contact us today to get a quote!