Benefits of Floor Decals

Although they’re typically only seen as a way to direct foot traffic or mark dangerous or off limit areas, there are many benefits of floor decals that can add to the design of your business and get a customer’s attention. Have a certain product you want to draw attention to? Wanting to promote a limited time in store event? With Replica’s Floor decals your customers know about it. The benefits of floor decals don’t end there – they also offer limitless design potential and are relatively easy to produce since they can be produced from a single picture. Additionally, as the world continues to deal with the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing floor decals can serve as a reminder of recommended measures of safety to customers.

One of the main benefits of floor decals is how creative you can get with them. Unlike other in-store advertisements and displays that must be designed with space and gravity in mind, floor decals aren’t restricted by anything except your imagination. Graphics can be printed out in vibrant colors with vivid detail that will catch your customer’s eye, and at Replica, we can even help you in this design process.

In addition to the virtually limitless design potential and easy installation, another benefit of floor decals are often more affordable advertising solutions since the production process is fairly simple. Floor decals are also easy to apply, easy to remove, and they’re surprisingly durable. Vinyl is the more common, and cost-effective material used to create floor decals.

In today’s world, social distancing floor decals are a must for every business. After all, it’s because of health measures like social distancing that businesses were able to operate safely throughout the pandemic. Social distancing floor decals will serve as a reminder of this “essential step in preventing the spread of COVID-19” according to the CDC when your employees can’t be there and gives customers personal space in high traffic areas. They’ll also help customers get around safely and show them that you do care about their health. While the worst of the pandemic looks to be behind us, it still pays to be safe.

With all these benefits for floor decals, contact us today to get a quote!