Savings Through College Brochure Design

Importance of College Brochure Design

Even in our increasingly digital age, direct marketing continues to be a popular marketing channel for college recruitment, and such marketing efforts usually take the form of a brochure. Print college brochures, or prospectus, is often one of the first things prospective students will see about your school so you’ll want to make a good impression. Additionally, with college enrollment expected to grow by 20.5 million by 2027 you’ll want your college brochure design to stand out from the rest even more so. The information about your school – its history and prestige, the degrees and amenities offered to students, campus life, testimonials from alumna, and more – in your college’s brochure are too important to be ignored or tossed out with junk mail so how can you make certain they get the attention you’re wanting from prospective students? That’s were we come in. For over 20 years, Digital Print and Copy has been helping institutions of all kinds with their commercial print and digital production needs. Our print shop can assist you with the planning and production of your college prospect design to ensure it stands out (in a good way) and effectively conveys what’s great about your school.

What Makes a Good College Brochure Design?

A good college brochure design will be three things: attractive, clear, and brief. The attractiveness of the design – colors, fonts, and graphics – will determine whether or not a prospective even flips through it, the clarity should leave a reader with few big questions, and the brevity will prevent the content from seeming dull, monotonous, or wordy.                

Making your college brochure design stand out visually is one of the best ways to increase engagement. Attractive, colorful imagery will capture a person’s attention and the visual appeal should make it stand out amongst the sea of other brochures a prospective student may be receiving. A good college prospect design or brochure shouldn’t be too striking though, as a messy or busy design will be just as off-putting as a boring one, if not more. Even just a visually appealing and striking cover can do wonders for engagement. The font, images, graphics, and even the layout all need to be considered.

College brochure designs must be clear, otherwise prospective students may not know what steps they need to take to apply, financial aid opportunities, or even what degrees and courses your school offers. Good college brochure designs will answer these five Ws:

  • Who – Who is your school? What is its history?
  • What – What degrees and academic opportunities does your school offer? What amenities does the campus include? What differentiates your school from others?
  • When – When do application periods begin and end? What are other important dates – beginning and ending of semesters, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter breaks, and dates of big school events.
  • Where – Not only is this where your campus is located but where are certain parts of the campus located? What other exciting things – restaurants, shops, parks, et cetera are located around the campus?
  • Why – Why should people enroll at your college?

Obviously you can’t include everything about your school in the brochure so be sure to include contact information for a few different departments.

Most people don’t want to read text that’s overly wordy or very lengthy so keeping your brochure brief helps you keep a reader’s interest. Give your reader the information they need to know in the most concise, yet clear way possible. For print college brochures this will also save on paper costs. A good college brochure design shouldn’t be overly long and, along with its clarity, will go a long way to keeping a reader’s interest.

How Can Replica Help?

Simply put, we help schools design and print college brochures. Replica Digital Print and Copy will work with you to craft an appealing and effective custom college brochure design without breaking the bank. We’ve worked with institutions of all sizes to create effective and brilliant printed materials they can be proud of. With over 20 years of professional experience, we understand what works and what doesn’t. When you work with us, it’s a collaboration.