We’re Now an Amazon Counter Hub Pickup Location!

Replica San Diego – Now an Amazon Counter Hub Pickup Location!

We’re excited to announce that as of [August 2021], Replica is an Amazon Counter Hub pickup location! This means you can conveniently pickup your Amazon orders alongside your printing and direct mail materials all from the same place, so if you’re already one of our customers there’s no need to search “Amazon pickup counter near me” if you prefer to have your packages shipped to a location near you rather than your residence. Not a Replica customer? Not to worry, you can still have your packages delivered to us and we’ll be happy to help you out. Now that we’re an Amazon Hub pickup location there’s no need to worry about packages left at your door while you’re out.

What Does Being an Amazon Counter Hub Pickup Location Mean?

Now that Replica has joined the worldwide network of secure pickup locations for all that you order on Amazon, you can choose to ship your packages to us rather than choosing home delivery when you order. Then, choose a time convenient for you to pick it up. With Amazon Hub, you’ll never miss a delivery again and can rest assured that everything you order is safe from porch pirates – we’ll keep it safe and secure for you so there’s no need to rush home at a certain time or make plans around an estimated delivery date and time to ensure you’re there when your package arrives.

The Counter is where you’ll encounter us, and our staff will be more than happy to retrieve your package for you, so there’s no need to search for “Amazon pickup counter near me” now that Replica is an Amazon Hub pickup location! Like with the Lockers, there’s no extra charge for choosing this service, however you do get more time to come pick up your package – 14 calendar days. Additionally, our Counter can receive larger, heavier packages than you could send to a Locker.

Being able to pick up both your Amazon packages and printing orders or direct mailing materials from the Replica saves you both time and money, making it great for businesses of all sizes! Want to see how else we can help you save time and money? Request a quote for one of our quality printing services today!