What is Variable Data Printing?

Think of the last time you were in a group. One person is working on something, and they say, “Can someone lend me a hand?” Everyone looks at each other to figure out who’s going to help. Without a specific name or specific task, people hesitate. On the other hand, if that person said, “Hey Marco, can you help me move this table?” Marco would immediately come over and move the table.

A specific request goes much farther than a vague one. The same principle applies to advertising, and that’s why variable data marketing is so effective. By sending your customer a personalized brochure with their name, a reference to their location, and a specific interest indicated by their previous purchase data, you’re increasing the likelihood of that customer engaging with your business.

How Does It Work?

Variable Data Printing (VDP) is the process of taking a set mailing template with the general marketing information you want to send and using variable data points to customize each template per customer through a specialized software. These data points can be just about anything, depending on what your business needs to target.

Variable Data Printing
  • Customer name
  • Home address
  • Image of customer’s home address
  • Purchase history
  • Age demographic
  • Gender
  • Estimated income range
  • Household size
  • And so much more

VDP can even go a step further by including a custom barcode, promotional code, or QR code that your customer can use. This aids in tracking the engagement per customer, and per campaign, to see what works and what doesn’t. Over time, this will help your business hone in on the marketing that truly works for your customer base.

How to Use Variable Data Printing

Customers like to feel valued. If they feel like a valued part of your business, they’re more likely to continue to utilize your business going forward. Sending your customer a promotion related to their local area, sports team, or even a special birthday coupon, can help your customers feel seen and important, boosting their future loyalty.

There are a variety of ways to implement this for your business. Some of the options include variable data postcards, envelopes, brochures, coupons, folded self-mailers, and seasonal promotions. Aside from these common VDP options, your business has the potential to customize any and every piece of mail you send out.

For example, let’s say summer is around the corner, and your sporting goods business wants to increase foot traffic for swimwear, pool supplies, camping equipment, and more. Based on your customer’s purchase history of swimsuits, children’s goggles, and coaching supplies, you can send a VDP promotional postcard with their name, an image of children’s goggles, and a coupon for 10% off all swimwear.

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