Choosing the Right Paper for Your Print Project

Did you know that when it comes to printing, not all paper is created equal? Based on what your printing is and where you’ll be using or sharing it, you have countless options to choose from for your print project. So, what are the different options available for printing, and how do you know which one to choose for your project? Below, we’ll answer both questions so that the next time you have an important project to print, you’ll know what the best paper choice is.


What Type of Paper Should I Use?

Before deciding what paper will be best for your project, ask yourself a few questions first. This will help you narrow down your paper options and will be helpful information to share when going to your local print store. The questions to ask yourself are:


1) What am I working on? Business cards, a flyer, a brochure, a mailer, etc.?

2) Where will it be used and/or displayed? Is it for a formal event, outdoors, casual event, etc.?

3) Will my project include photos/graphics, just text, or both?

4) What message do you want it to convey? Something sophisticated or economical?

5) Do you want the paper to be durable? Is it meant to last or be recycled relatively quickly?


Should I Choose Coated or Uncoated Paper?

All paper stock is either coated or uncoated.


Coated paper is paper that has a layer of hardened clay covering it and is optimal for projects that include images because it makes the details sharper. The coating makes it difficult to write on, and it can have matte, dull, gloss, or high gloss finishes and can be coated on either one or both sides. Coated paper is optimal for:


  • Packaging
  • Postcards/mailers
  • Brochures
  • Catalogs


Uncoated paper is the most common paper used for day-to-day printing and doesn’t have a finish. There’s nothing covering the natural fibers that the paper is made out of, so this paper is super absorbent, making it good for writing on. It’s ideal for:


  • Newsletters
  • Flyers
  • Stationery and envelopes


Do I Need Thick Paper?

The thickness of paper refers to how many hundredths of an inch thick a sheet of paper is. The thicker the paper, the more durable it is. Business cards are an item that are commonly printed on thicker paper as they’re meant to be endurable. Other projects you might want thicker paper for are:


  • Bookmarks
  • Door hangers
  • Table tents


The paper you choose to print on is an extension of your brand messaging. For more information about what paper is best for your project, or to get started on printing, contact us today at Replica San Diego!