Printed Gifts for a Personal Touch

There was a time when the most treasured holiday gifts were handcrafted. Today, that idea has translated into the giving of gifts with a personal touch, and great gift-giving will always begin with that sense of knowing exactly what would thrill the gift recipient. Personalized printed giftsgifts can be thought of as small treasures that hold great value. Not only are digitally printed gifts desired because they are useful, these gifts are valued specifically because of the ‘personal touch’ they demonstrate.

Everyone likes to see their name or photo on an everyday product – from young to old, personalized printed gifts say more than “this is mine.” They speak more towards who gave the gift. It’s a subliminal sense of connectedness when you give a gift that speaks directly to the recipient. Consider digital printing gift ideas for family and friends, but also for coworkers and valued service providers. These can include your local postal worker, your favorite auto mechanic, or that special barista who makes the most perfect latte for you each morning.

Amazing Photo Books

Photo books are becoming a coffee table staple, where visitors and family are amazed at the personal collection of photos that may be themed or can simply be a collection of heart-warming or heart-racing images. Create a timeless photo book by choosing a special binding material such as moleskin or pen a graphic novel with a chapter-type photo book to tell the story of your wedding day or an awesome vacation. One of the cool things to do with pictures for gifts is to make a present that lasts all year, and a photo calendar is an awesome printed gift for grandparents or family away from family.

Custom Magazines as Gifts

Another cool thing to do is create a custom magazine with personal pictures for gifts to coworkers and clients. When it comes to printed gifts for your business, your clients and their families appreciate a business more when they don’t take the easy out. Sure, you can send a digital compilation of holiday greetings and great storytelling, but a customized magazine printed with high color and high gloss is truly a special touch. Your custom magazine does double duty as a marketing tool and an artistic expression of appreciation. For drastic results, choose a quality digital print service provider because here is where professionalism will be a direct reflection on your business.

Fun and Creative Mounted Posters

Posters have become iconic symbols for many reasons. A beloved actor, a famous piece of art, a landmark film, or a timeless message are all ideas for a cool way to incorporate pictures into your gifts. For the young people in your life or for adults that have a beloved artist or other special interest, there is no better way to recognize their favorite thing than with a mounted over-sized poster. Once you decide on the perfect print to replicate, choose a printing service that provides printing on a rigid yet lightweight material that will last, or a water-resistant material if it may be used outdoors – and one that can provide a mounted poster in both standard and custom sizes.

Custom Holiday Signs

This holiday, bring some personality to a family member or friend’s home or office by creating a custom sign with their favorite quote, artwork or other print. These unique printed gifts will bring a smile to the recipient every time they see them. Custom signs come in a variety of options including metal signs, tabletop tents, custom tablecloths, car magnets and chalkboard signs. The customization options are only limited by your imagination.

Traditional Personalized Stationery

Many people still remember when businessmen used high-quality stationery for all their personal and corporate correspondence. Just because most messaging is sent by email these days, it is still crucial for professionals to own personalized stationery – and there are still those who would love to send a beautiful hand-written note instead of text messaged ‘thank you’. Customized stationery is timeless and priceless. For the business person or for the handwriter in your life, choose to give a complete set of stationery which includes letterhead paper, envelopes, return labels, and notepads.

printed gift ideasVisit Replica Digital Print and Copy for even more ideas on cool things to do with pictures for personalized printed gifts. We can tackle rush orders, handle large format printing, and help you develop your creative ideas. Call us today for a free quote.

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