Holiday Cards for Your Business

5 Reasons to Print Happy Holiday Cards and Specials for Your Business

Happy Holiday Cards for BusinessIf you own a business, then you know the value of customer loyalty. Showing your clients how much you value their continued business and using smart marketing strategies go hand in hand. The holiday season is the perfect time to inject a new and creative tactic to keep your name and your business in front of clients. What better reminder than sending out happy holiday cards for business specials that work double-duty to say Happy Holidays and Thank You for your Continued Business.

Here are 5 reasons to print happy holiday business cards and special offers to make it a win-win for both you and your customers!

  1. Thanking Loyal Customers

Return customers are the foundation of continued business success. It has traditionally been good business manners to send faithful customers, vendors, and business partners corporate Christmas and holiday greetings as a way of saying Thank You. Always keep your first thought to send a genuine greeting of holiday cheer. Secondly, it can express sincere appreciation and gratitude for the continued business relations. And finally, it can send a subliminal message of the firm foundation that your business is on and is ready to carry through another year.

  1. Incentivizing New Customers

Your new customers have visited your business only a few times and frankly, they probably would be surprised to receive happy holiday cards thanking them for their business. This is a benefit. A surprise holiday greeting card from a new business acquaintance bodes well for future endeavors. Never overlook the small touches that can do more for customer relations than a discount coupon. And with everyone so internet-focused, a digitally printed holiday card will let new customers know that your company still values the up close and personal partnerships.

  1. Reconnect with Old Customers

What better time than the holidays to go back through your records and reconnect with old clients. Maybe you’ve updated your product line or have changed your brand’s logo or other branding and your corporate Christmas greetings announce the new look? This is a great way to send a new business greeting to old customers that may not recognize the updated branding. Not only that, it puts your business back in their mindset, front, and center so that the new year may bring a renewed partnership.

  1. Increase Brand Recognition

Not all businesses are easily recognized, but brand recognition is one of the most valued marketing strategies around. When you work with a graphic designer to not only send digitally printed corporate Christmas greetings, you can also include your specific brand logo, colors, and tagline. During the holidays, customers see a blizzard of holiday advertising, but the best way to increase brand recognition is by using direct marketing with a personalized touch.

  1. An Eye-Catching Statement

Happy holiday cards for business offer the perfect time to use a creative visual approach that is eye-catching, maybe with a bit of humor, or with a sense of nostalgia. Everyone longs for the good old days when business owners knew their clients and customers felt they were valued. Slow down the fast-paced holiday season! Instead of email marketing, use the time-tested power of printed material and make it eye-catching so your customers will have a hard time forgetting.

Corporate Christmas GreetingsAt Replica Digital Print and Copy in San Diego, we offer printing specials that will make sending happy holiday cards for your business that are economical and hassle-free. We offer bulk quantity offers on printed materials that are perfect for businesses, authors, institutions, schools, non-profit organizations, and churches. These volume discounts are based on quantity and format. And if you need a project completed in one day, that’s no problem at Replica. Our in-house copy services can handle rush orders on premier 24-hour printing. Call us today for a free quote and get your corporate Christmas greetings ordered before it’s too late!

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