Promote Your Business Through Team Sports Banners

Outdoor Banner PrintingNo doubt, you see them on television – advertising banners in the background while watching a batter at the plate, or while seeing a soccer player advance the ball down the field. You can advertise your San Diego business in the same way through team sports banners in high school stadiums, Pop Warner Football fields, Little League games, or at a community college or university sporting event.

Show support for your chosen sport and team! Team sports banners are an indirect form of advertising inside the field walls of a stadium, along fencing of a football or soccer field, and along the walls of a basketball or volleyball gym. Game attendees can’t help but notice your business! Some fields also allow outside sports banners facing the streets, so you can garner the attention of passersby. And, in many cases, your advertising will likely help support the sports teams who utilize those arenas, promotionally and financially.

Team Sports BannerSpeaking of attendees, if you are a game-goer, you can show your team pride by having your own banner to help motivate the team. Create an individual banner cheering for a goal, basket or home run. You can also stand behind your favorite player, by ordering one with his, or her name, and/or number proudly shown in team colors. Get a group together and create a banner you can all share, or a variety to raise together in spirit.

Team sports banners may also be used by the teams. Banners are a good source to communicate with the community sharing game schedules, tryouts, and practice schedules. Utilizing the team colors and a depiction of your mascot, these will garner a lot of attention displaying them in a location where interested parties frequently travel by. Sports banners can also be designed in appreciation for team sponsors, and to sell more sponsorships to your team.

Let Replica San Diego Digital Print & Copy Help

While Replica San Diego Digital Print & Copy cannot help you place your team sports banners, we can help you design and prepare eye-catching material. Here’s what we offer:

  • If you don’t know exactly what you want, that’s okay. Provide your logo and the type of sport, or team, you wish to support. We can customize your banner utilizing the team’s colors to show your pride while promoting your product, business, or team member support.
  • We havea wide range of services including standard indoor and outdoor banner printing, which will stand up through the elements, and shine throughout the season. And, we can customize the dimensions to accommodate the specifics of the sports organization and to meet your needs.
  • In a hurry? No problem, Replica San Diego offers a 24-hour turnaround rush printing service, when needed.

Company and team sports banners are available in different materials and a variety of weights. Obviously, banners for the indoor gym can be lighter in weight than those for outdoor fields. Matte vinyl or mesh materials work well indoors and fight off lighting glare. For outdoor banner printing, a stronger material, though still lightweight, is needed for fences and stadiums.

Installation Advice

Many sites will physically install your banner for you. However, in some cases, you may need to do it yourself. When mounting to a fence, this is pretty easy. You’ll need some super duty zip ties and a level or measuring tape. Having your team sports banner level, is of course, important. You want to look well organized and methodical. When no fence is available, you’ll need strong fence posts, and a post-hole digger to install them. Before you begin, make sure you are following the directions of the sports team in which your banner will help support.

Once your sports banner is installed, it should be strung taut, with no slack. Outdoor banner printing quality isn’t the only piece you need to consider when working outside – be sure to check on your banner on a regular basis to ensure it remains properly mounted and hasn’t suffered any type of wind damage or vandalism. A small tear or rip may be easily fixed before it becomes larger and irreparable. If mounted in a wind-prone area, you may wish to have us add wind slits to help alleviate the strong forces and provide longer life for your banner.

Whether you need one, a dozen, or more team sports banners, Replica San Diego is your best option in the area and beyond. We have a dependable reputation, offer competitive pricing, and have the creative force to make your sports banner printing stand out above the rest. Full-color banners show team spirit and pride, traits Replica stands behind. Contact us today for your indoor or outdoor banner printing and design consultation!

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