Top Printing Terms to Know as a Digital Designer

Even if your job takes place entirely on a computer screen, you need to know how your image will come out when you print it. Therefore, digital designers need to understand the printing process, as well as certain vocab words that will pop up. They need to know about fonts, trim, and Pantone coverage in order to do the best job. Here’s more on the top printing terms to know as a digital designer.


If you think it’s obvious that digital designers should understand fonts, you might already be ahead of the game. Too many designers choose the wrong fonts, because they pop out on the screen, but they don’t translate so well on the other end of the digital printing process. Your printed materials probably aim to get some sort of message across, and your choice in font can make a world of difference. The font you choose determines the legibility of your text, and in turn, the effect of your poster.



Bleed and Trim

When you design a poster, memo, or template using a computer program, you have a defined space you can work with. Physical printing needs to leave a little room, which means that a small part of the image will bleed over the edges. The part that does overfill the canvas, called the bleed, will be cut away. Then you’re left with the trim, which represents the final dimensions after removing the edges.

Pantone Coverage

A print is only as good as the printer, and you can tell what kind of machine you’re working with based on Pantone coverage. This describes how well a given printer can reproduce the Pantone swatch colors. Other factors will influence the Pantone coverage as well, however, including the kind of paper you use.

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