Avoid These Common Design Mistakes When Creating Your Posters

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Posters are everywhere these days, especially if you live in a big city. If you’re getting ready for poster printing, you should be sure your design is up to par. You don’t want the font to be difficult to read from a distance, and you don’t want your poster to simply blend into the background. Look for local printing companies and have the job done right so your poster comes out just like it looks on the screen. Continue reading and avoid these common design mistakes when creating your posters.

Small or Illegible Font
When you send your design to the printers, you should be completely positive that it’s ready for production. Some people fail to consider their images in context, which presents a big problem if you put in a substantial order. Looking at your poster on a computer screen can be much different than looking at in person. Your eyes are probably only a foot or two away from the design when looking at the screen, which makes things easier to see. Pay attention to your font style and make sure it will be visible from a distance. If you fall in love with a font that’s not easily readable, make sure it’s at least big enough to notice on the poster.

Bad Color Scheme
Just like how poor font choice can ruin your poster printing experience, a bad color scheme can do the same. The information on your poster should stick out from the background, and the poster itself should stick out from the place where you post it. Think about color psychology and how you want your viewers to feel when they look at your poster as well.

Amateur Printing
Poor quality poster printing is a bad move. People can tell if you went the cheap route and sacrificed quality, and it will make your poster less effective. Go with a professional printing company instead.

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