Tips for Preparing Your Files for Digital Printing

Digital printing is an efficient and affordable way to produce the highest quality color copies. When you invest in commercial printing services, you also have the benefit of reliability, so you can direct your attention to other tasks. Whether you are interested in printing posters or need cheap color copies, keep reading to find out how you can prepare your files for digital printing by a commercial printing company.

Discuss Your Project
As you begin preparing your materials for digital printing, consider discussing black and white or color copy printing with your printer ahead of time. By consulting with a digital printing company, you can save a great deal of time, energy, and money. Remember, your printer has likely handled hundreds of similar projects and can offer tips for producing the best color copies at the lowest price.

Choose Your Colors
Next, research the kind of printer you would like to use ahead of time. Digital printing can create cheap color copies because it relies on an RGB model. However, this color printer model has the highest degree of variability of any color printer, so it can be difficult to match colors in between print jobs. For that reason, you might want to consult your printer about which shades are most reliable.

Size Your Images
When you create your digital file, be sure to size your photos before submitting the files to printing companies. Poster prints are very different from smaller color copies, like brochures and newsletters, and you should be sure to pick the pixel size and quality accordingly. Additionally, graphics that are created by a paint program, scanning program, or digital camera are made up of different kinds of pixels. Make sure to discuss your commercial printing project with your printer if you have any questions about image size and quality.

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