Planning a Successful Poster Marketing Campaign

Marketing campaigns draw in new business and encourage customer loyalty from those already familiar with your products or services. Poster marketing campaigns are a traditional and simple yet effective method for spreading your marketing message to a wide audience. If you’re planning to include poster printing as part of your campaign, keeping a few design and distribution tips in mind can increase your reach and boost your results.


Identify Your Message

Imagery is a highly-effective marketing and communication tool, making poster prints a great way to reach out and grab your target audience in a fast and memorable way. Thus, the key to a successful poster marketing campaign is identifying a clear message, then designing a poster that will easily convey this message with only a single glance. Determining whether you want to invoke a feeling of urgency, of support, or even of concern to spur those who view your posters into action is a vital first step in the poster design process and will ultimately play a role in the success of your marketing campaign.

Identify Your Audience

The audience you want to reach through your poster prints is also an important part of your marketing strategy. Even an extremely effective marketing campaign will fail without the right exposure—thus, you’ll need to identify and research your target audience before you can develop a plan for poster distribution and placement. Placing posters along routes and in locations frequented by your target audience will increase the reach as well as the efficacy of your poster marketing campaign.

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