Discovering the Advantages of Printed Marketing Materials

In today’s digital world, many companies wonder whether printing marketing materials is still a worthwhile investment. Despite the popularity of digital marketing, printed materials such as posters, pamphlets, and banners retain several key advantages that other types of marketing materials cannot match. Continuing to include printed materials in your marketing campaigns will add tangibility, permanence, and relatability to help your efforts reach a wider audience and maintain greater staying power over time.


One of the key qualities of digital marketing is transience—digital ads often appear at random and for short periods of time, and may not even reappear when a website is refreshed or a page is revisited. By contrast, printed materials such as posters, pamphlets, and print ads are permanent materials that can remain in place for long periods of time, either as posted materials or as handouts that your customers take home.


The placement of printed materials in specific locations allows you to completely customize and target your marketing campaign for a greater chance of reaching the audience you want. Running printed ads in a specific magazine or hanging posters in key locations can be more effective than blasting a digital ad across a large number of websites. Even though the number of people who see your printed ad may be fewer, strategic placement of these ads can ensure that those who do view your material are most likely to respond favorably to it.


Research has indicated that while individuals are likely to scan quickly through a web-based article to pick out only the most relevant information, they tend to spend more time reading printed material. Furthermore, individuals are likely to comprehend and retain more information when reading printed material than digital media, helping your message to stick.

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