Maximizing the Returns of Poster-Based Marketing

Are you considering printing posters for your company’s next big marketing push? Marketing with poster prints is an inexpensive and effective way to ensure that you get your company’s message across in a variety of locations. Read on to learn how to maximize the returns of your poster-based marketing plan.

Do Your Research

Before designing and printing posters for your marketing needs, it’s important to first delve into some market research to ensure that your posters are attracting the right demographic. Study the types of customers that you wish to attract and analyze their buying habits. Your main goal should be to find out why consumers purchase a particular product or service, as well as when and where they typically purchase it. Once you’re armed with this information, you’re ready to begin designing your own poster-based marketing plan.

Design Your Posters

Use the information that you’ve gathered from your market research to design a poster that targets customers’ purchase motivations. Keep in mind that posters have a different purpose than brochures and business cards, and thus their design should be different, too. Try to create a mental picture for the viewer that shows the desired outcome using concise and minimal information. Also, focus on the benefits that your customer will receive from your product or service, rather than emphasizing the product itself. Finally, choose a simple graphic that is easy to understand and attracts attention. The graphic should be the “memory peg” for the poster’s information, so that the overall message of your business remains in the memory of the viewer.

Distribute Your Posters

Your market research should have informed you of the best locations for finding your prospective customers. Distribute your posters in these places. If you’re aiming for a local market, distribute your posters in local businesses or government agencies. In order to reach a regional or national market, try distributing your posters at point-of-purchase locations or among your wholesale customer base.

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