What Do the Colors in Your Marketing Say About Your Brand?

If you want to create color copies for your company’s marketing materials, it’s important to understand what the colors you use in your marketing say about your brand. Whether you distribute large posters, medium-sized brochures, or small business cards, select your marketing colors wisely in order to take advantage of the psychology of color. Keep reading to learn more about how the colors used in your marketing are perceived by your company’s customers.

Marketing Colors and Your Product

The colors that you choose to use in color copies of your company’s marketing materials say a lot about your product. It’s important that your colors appear to fit the product or service that you’re selling. For example, it may be unwise to attempt to sell a motorbike using violet and fuchsia in your poster prints—your target audience may walk right past your marketing materials. In fact, a recent study shows that up to 90% of last-minute decisions made about products are rooted in marketing color choices.

Marketing Colors and Your Brand

Colors also help create your brand identity, which in turn helps customers recognize your product or service. That’s why it’s important when designing your logo or printing posters to choose colors that differentiate your company from other well-known competitors. For example, if most of your competitors use blue in their logos, try standing out by using red or green. Also, choose colors that fit best with your brand’s personality. Is your product fun and exciting? Go for bright, bold colors. If you work in a more serious field, you may want to choose more muted tones or natural hues. Remember that your brand and the colors that you use in your marketing materials create an image in your customers’ minds. How do you want that image to appear?

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