Ideas for Creating a Unique Typography Poster


Are you looking for something memorable and eye-catching for your poster prints? If so, then you may be planning to use typography for your project. Before printing your design, consider the following ideas for creating a unique typography poster:

Fill in an Image with Words
If you’re thinking about designing a poster that lists a category of words instead of featuring a phrase or 2, then you have a great opportunity to create something unique. First, think about the message that you’d like to deliver and then come up with a simple image that relates to it. Next, use your list of words to shape the image. Also, consider limiting this type of design to just a few colors to prevent it from looking too busy.

Keep Your Message Simple
When creating a typography poster, people commonly attempt to create something that is eye-catching and informative but also unique and intricate. If you want to make a statement with your typography, then try cutting down the amount of text that goes into the design, using most of the space for just a few words and then adding any additional information in a small font at the bottom of the poster.

Break Up Information with Design
If your design is meant to be explanatory, features a lot of text, and doesn’t catch the eye, then consider working the information into 1 larger image that represents what the text refers to. For example, you could use a mountain range for a hiking or camping event. Fill the top and bottom areas of the image with a single color to give it some framework and then work your text into the design. In this example, you could use 1 mountain for each category of information and vary text size and direction for added interest.

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