Exploring the Top Advantages of Digital Printing

If you’re still printing the old-fashioned way, then the time has come to go digital. Digital printing offers a wide range of options and delivers high-resolution, quality results, with many advantages over offset and lithographic printing. What are you missing out on when you don’t use digital printing? Here is a look at some of the advantages.

Faster Print Times
It’s rare to need something printed that you have a lot of time to wait around for. When you need printing done now, digital is the best choice. Digital printing doesn’t require plate mounting, print keys, registration adjustments, or any of the other time-consuming processes involved with other kinds of printing. As long you as have a finished design file, your printing can be done in a short window of time, so you can get the material you need right when you need it. This is true for short-run jobs and huge batches of printing—no matter how many copies you need, digital printing can help you reach your deadline.

Eco-Friendly Processes
If you’re concerned about following environmentally friendly practices in your business, then choosing digital printing is a must. Digital printing does not require alcohol substitutes, fountain solutions, and other chemicals, so it doesn’t create fumes and toxic waste. Switching to digital printing can be a big step in going green with your business.

Budget-Friendly Pricing
Because digital printing doesn’t require any of the time-consuming set-up processes associated with other kinds of printing, it usually costs much less, even if you are printing large format projects. If you do a lot of printing or frequently print posters or other large items, then this can add up to significant savings for you.

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