How to Design a Delicious-Looking Menu

Your menu is one of the first interactions your customers will have with your restaurant, so it’s important to seize the opportunity to make an impression. A well-designed menu makes diners excited about their choices and hungry to explore their options, ultimately ordering more food and feeling more engaged with their experiences. Naturally, high-quality printing is essential when creating your menus, but first, you need the right design. As you build your menu, let these design tips guide the process.

Think About How Diners Scan Menus|
In the past, conventional menu design wisdom said that customers’ eyes go first to the upper-right corner of a menu, so restaurants always put their high-ticket items there. Recently, however, designers have become aware that diners are more likely to scan a menu as they would a book, from left to right. Consider these reading habits when choosing a layout for your menu.

Group Dishes in a Logical Way
Diners are used to choosing dishes based on the different courses of a meal, from appetizers to main courses and desserts. Make sure your dishes are grouped according to the part of the meal they belong in, so that your customers can make the appropriate choices. This will prevent confusion over things like ordering an appetizer that a customer believes is a main course and will encourage your diners to spend more.

Skip Photos in Favor of Graphics
Photos of food on menus are typically frowned upon outside of chain restaurants or fast-food menus. Instead of using photos, if you wish to include images on your menu, consider graphics or illustrations that are in line with your brand and that further your brand identity.

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