What to Consider When Selecting a Poster Size

Before your posters can be printed, you must determine the best size to use. There are a few different factors that may influence your poster size, such as the amount of information you want included. Continue reading to find out more about choosing your poster size before printing it out.

How easily can the poster be displayed?
Depending on the type of poster—movie poster, band poster, project poster—you must consider how it will be displayed. Whether this is your personal poster or one that will end up in hundreds of homes, it will likely be displayed somewhere for others to see. If you are printing posters for a movie or band, then you will want a larger size that fans can frame. If you are simply handing out flyers to include with another purchase, you can look for a smaller size.

How easily can your poster be handed out?
Unless your poster is for a one-time presentation, you must consider how easily your posters will be to hand out. For example, advertisements for a store or concert may be easier to hand out in the smallest poster print available. You can still get the necessary information across, but your customers or fans will not have a large and long poster to carry around. If the poster is specifically meant to commemorate a movie, band, or event, then you can get away with a large poster print. Fans and customers will expect to have a large poster they can frame for posterity.

How easily can images be seen?
You must also consider how much information will be on your poster. The more information on your poster, then the larger it must be. If you are looking for a minimalist design, then consider printing the smaller poster sizes to save on materials.

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