Comparing Digital Printing and Press Printing

When you invest in commercial printing services for your business, you’ll need to decide between press printing and digital printing services. The commercial printing processes are very different, and each has its pros and cons. Before choosing your printing services, take a look at this comparison of press printing and digital printing.

Digital Printing Services
Depending upon the commercial printing company that you choose, digital printing can be much quicker and less expensive than press printing. Digital printing companies use a four-color printing process to transfer your design from the computer to the printer to your paper. You may have less color accuracy or range due to this process. Your digital printing company can still offer you a variety of paper choices, finishing choices, and sizes, styles, and formats for your printing services.

Press Printing Services
Press printing is much more expensive than digital printing, primarily due to the commercial printing company’s set-up costs. Press printing utilizes films and printing plates to transfer your design onto paper. This printing process takes much longer than digital printing, because there are far more steps involved. It is unlikely that you could get a rush job completed when you choose press-printing services. Press printing does offer a wide color selection and excellent color accuracy, however.

How to Choose Between the Two
To determine whether you should use press printing or digital printing services, you will need to consider your printing needs, your budget, and the type of materials that you will be printing. You will also have to think about how quickly you will need your printing services to be completed by your commercial printing company. If you have limited funds and time, you should choose digital printing services.

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