Situations That Require a Notary Service

Notary FAQ Call: 858.457.9500

Notaries play an important role in executing legal documents. Replica San Diego is pleased to offer convenient notary services to our clients. Please note that you must appear in person with identification to have a document notarized and that San Diego county law prohibits notarizing documents with blank spaces.


There are several different occasions when you may have the need for a notary. We can notarize leases, contracts, and certificates. We can also notarize affidavits for use in court cases. Simply bring your documents into our San Diego location for review, and we can usually notarize them on the spot.

Offering notary services is just one of the ways Replica San Diego can help your business. Trust us with all of your digital printing and copying needs, from binding for reports to printing posters and laminating. Learn more about what we do by calling (858) 457-9500.