What Are the Most Popular Logo Design Trends?

In the realm of commercial printing, trends come and go like hits on the music charts. Some trends subside quickly because they place style over substance, while other trends prove hot for the moment but fade by year’s end. This can be frustrating for companies seeking digital printing services, as their logos must be unique, legible, and current. The rundown below discusses some current logo trends in today’s marketplace.

Hot Trends in Commercial Design
Mosaic patterns are seen frequently these days in the world of design. This style is popular because it evokes feelings of unity, multiculturalism, and empowerment. Another big trend in poster and digital printing is the energetic look, in which logos feature wild letters and colorful shapes.

Complex Styles That Designers Love
Another popular trend is for logos to have more complex designs. Especially popular are logos with transparent overlaps, where shapes featuring the same color are layered upon each other. An even more innovative trend in commercial printing is the reveal technique, where half of a logo appears to be peeled away to reveal the other half.

The Design Styles of Tomorrow
Other styles that are making headway in logo design include tessellation, moiré, and sharp type. With its tiling of geometric shapes, tessellation often comes off as a more complex variation of the mosaic style. The moiré style, with its use of colliding lines, has grown in popularity due to its eye-catching appeal. Meanwhile, sharp type is being used more and more because advertisers like the modernized legibility of bold, typographic letters.

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