Should Your Next Flyer Include a QR Code?

Before you print your next batch of color copies to be sent off to new and existing customers, give them a double check. Is everything spelled right? Is your business name and contact information prominently displayed? Do you have a QR code? If there is no QR code on your flyers, should you consider adding one before printing? Here’s an overview of QR codes and how they can help your business.

What Are QR Codes?
QR stands for “quick read” and works like a website link. A smartphone camera “clicks” on the code, and customers are instantly transported to the website associated with that QR code. These codes are similar to bar codes, but they work better, offer more information, and look better on company flyers.

How Do QR Codes Help Businesses?
With one scan of the code, your business’ website can be at the fingertips of a potential customer. Coupons, contact information, order processing, advertising, and even phone call initiation can all be coded into the QR code. Put one on a flyer with a new customer discount coupon, and use another for an existing customer bonus coupon. You can even offer more information about your products or services without bogging the flyer down—you’ll be able to put the QR code to work for you in whatever manner you need.

Why Do You Need QR Codes?
Competition for business is fierce. Because nearly everyone has a smartphone and is plugged in, your business may be missing some key demographics—and potential customers—by not joining the digital age and offering QR codes on your flyers. Some customers may feel your business isn’t as advanced as another if you don’t use the latest technology available. Additionally, you can offer so much more information about your company with the codes that flyers just can’t handle.

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