What Your Font Is Saying about Your Business

Everything about your business, from the color of your copies to the signs above your door, says something about you and influences whether or not people do business with you. Even the font on your flyers, posters, and other printed materials can say a great deal about your business. Continue reading to find out what your font may be saying about your company.

Big, Bold Fonts
Great for large signs and headers on printings, big and bold fonts grab a customer’s eye. They stand out, get attention, and focus that attention on the words beneath them. These fonts allow the typed words to be read more easily, and don’t offer any confusion about what your flyer or poster says. Go big, go bold, and draw in customers with these fonts.

Handwriting Fonts
Fonts that look like handwriting are extremely popular today. They bring personality and emotion to the printed text. Soft or hard, rough or gentle, your business’ personality can shine through with these fonts. You can make your promotional and informational pieces feel more personal and less cold with a handwriting font.

Grunge Fonts
Not messy, not dirty, but certainly not perfect, grunge fonts add attitude, and lots of it. The lines, shading, and rough edges of grunge fonts garner attention, and they are not typical fonts by any means. Your printed materials will stand out from the sea of traditional fonts when you feature the grunge look. Let this font say that you’re a bit different, but just as good as any other business.

Vintage Fonts
As with many other things, classic fonts are becoming hot once again. Vintage fonts resemble those on older printed materials and can bring a nostalgic feeling to your business. The best classic fonts put a modern spin on a traditional typeset. Interesting without being overpowering, vintage fonts are exactly right for some businesses, and can add an unexpected flair to printed materials.

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