Networking Tips for Professionals

The old adage goes that it isn’t what you know, but who you know, that matters. When it comes to generating new leads for your business, this may just be the case. Networking is an essential part of building a business and maintaining a brand, but it doesn’t always come easily. How can you enter the floors of a trade show or a local business meet-up and walk away with meaningful connections? Having the right marketing collateral helps get any conversation rolling, so working with a commercial printing company before the event is necessary. These tips will also help.

Arrive Early
Showing up fashionably late is not a good strategy for a networking event. When you get there early, you have the benefit of talking to people while the room is calm and quiet. Getting to a networking event late makes it harder to approach people, since everyone will have naturally migrated into groups that can be hard to penetrate. Show up early so you can establish your presence in the room.

Don’t Lead with Your Sales Pitch
Networking is about building personal relationships that lead to business relationships. When you approach someone and launch directly into your sales pitch, you lose the opportunity to build that personal connection that could turn the person into a client. Start with small talk and let the conversation flow naturally to a discussion of business. The time you spend making the other person feel valued as an acquaintance will send a message that he or she will also be valued as a customer.

You should be sure to both hand out and collect business cards at the event, but the real work comes the following day. Don’t let those leads dry up. Go through the cards you collected and send an email to each person, reminding him or her of your conversation. Offer your services if appropriate or simply leave the door open to future communication.

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