How to Choose the Right Color for Your Business Logo

Company logos may be small, but they are anything but insignificant. Your logo is the face of your brand, and it communicates many things about your business. All of your posters, packaging, and printed materials will bear it, so the design is crucial. Although many things go into drawing up the perfect logo, color stands out as one of the most important factors. How can you select the perfect colors for your company logo? These tips will help.

Put Color in Context
There’s no such thing as a good color or a bad color. There are only colors that work well with your product and those that don’t. For instance, purple may be a great color for nail polish, but it isn’t a popular color for cars. The colors you choose should fit the context of your product. Concentrate on acceptable colors for your product when you’re designing your logo. You don’t have to go completely literal with your interpretation, but try to stay within a family of colors that matches your product contextually.

Consider Color Meanings
All colors communicate some kind of mood or meaning, so don’t choose colors that send the wrong message about your services or products. If you’re trying to convince customers that your accounting business is serious and trustworthy, neutral or primary colors will be better logo choices than funky or bright ones. On the other hand, if you want your customers to see your cake decorating business as creative, going with unusual colors could be a smart choice.

Think of Printing
Your logo should print well in a variety of sizes. When you have a design, ask a commercial printer to do color copies for you in a number of sizes so you can be sure it is readable and appealing both when it is small and when it is large.

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