A Guide to Designing Exterior Business Signs

Exterior signs are important for just about any business. Regardless of whether you run a major corporation or a retail storefront, your business can benefit from having a big, bold sign emblazoned with your logo. For the retail sector, commercial printing companies have worked wonders with the following techniques.

Boldly Display Your Logo
In commercial printing, logos are designed from shapes and letters for maximum branding impact. The most successful retail chains will usually feature an instantly recognizable logo at every location. Keep your logo simple so it is easy to make out and recognize, and make it the main focus of your business sign.

Consider the Size and Operating Costs
As any commercial printing expert will tell you, the size of your sign should be proportional to the size of your business location. A very large business sign may look disproportionate next to a small building, while a tiny sign may get lost in front of a major complex. If you want a sign that’s lit, you’ll also need to consider the added operating costs and how the size of the sign will affect them.

Choose a Style That Reflects Your Business
Depending on your market, your sign should reflect a certain aesthetic. For instance, if you run a Western-themed saloon, you may benefit from a sign that looks like it’s made of engraved wood. If you operate a clothing boutique, you might choose a more modern look with neon wording. Keep in mind that if you lease your space from a landlord, there could be certain limits placed on your sign options.

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