Three Ways to Turn Your Business Card into a Marketing Tool

Business cards are a professional staple. You need them when you attend networking events and conferences, and when you hold meetings. Exchanging business cards remains an effective way to meet potential new customers and business partners. But did you realize that your business card is more than just a necessity? It is actually a powerful marketing tool. Here are three simple ways to turn your business card into a marketing tool through creative design and printing.

Put an “Offer” on the Back
Giving your card out is only the start to a new customer or business relationship. Entice the recipient to actually call you by including an offer on the back of your card. For example, a business-to-business service provider could say “Receive a Free Software Consultation” on the back of their cards. A restaurant or retailer serving consumers could include a discount code for 20 percent off the next order. This is an excellent way to promote new business when you hand out your cards.

Include Social Media Links
It is crucial for businesses to be present on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Grow your presence on these sites and connect with new people by including links or usernames for your social media accounts on your business cards. You can include your personal accounts if you use them for professional networking, or you can print your organization’s social information on the cards. Including social links also lets recipients know your business is tech-savvy.

Make it Creative and Memorable
Stand out in a sea of sameness. Have fun with your business card design so that your cards will stand out and be memorable. This will increase the chances that a recipient remembers meeting with you and that he or she hangs on to your card. Try including a headshot on your card so people can associate a face with a name. Or you can make your entire business card into a sticker! Work with your commercial printer to come up with creative ways to print your cards.

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