Ideas for Effective Poster Design


Though digital media appears to have taken over numerous aspects of modern business, a well-designed poster can still make quite an impact. Putting up a poster in a public transit hub can maximize your brand’s exposure and ultimately help boost your bottom line. However, a poorly designed posted may have the opposite effect. Here are a few pieces of advice to keep in mind when designing an elegant poster for your organization:

Keep It Simple
Though you may have a lot you want to say to your customers, it’s best if you keep your message fairly simple. After all, not many people will look at your poster for longer than 10 seconds. Instead of advertising several products, consider conveying one clever concept that will draw viewers in and make them curious about your business. Make sure your company’s logo and website are prominently displayed on the poster.

Know Your Audience
Knowing your audience is important for designing an attractive poster and for general business success. You probably have a decent idea of which demographics your customer base represents. For your poster to be effective, make sure it appeals to these groups, or at least doesn’t alienate them. You can always create a poster design that appeals to new demographics—just don’t forsake your current loyal customers in the process.

Mind the Competition
Most of your business decisions should be made with your competition in mind, and designing a poster is no exception. Make sure your proposed poster designs aren’t too similar to those of your competition, or else you might risk looking like a copycat. A poster is also a good opportunity to poke fun at your competition—just make sure you aren’t infringing on any of their copyright material.

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