Design Ideas for Your Business Logo

Your business logo is your company’s calling card, so designing one that stands out is crucial. Remember that your logo will go on all of the marketing materials that you print, so it should be one that easily translates to a variety of different items, from your business cards to your signage. Your logo should also look good in both black and white and color printing. As you go to work on your logo, here are some design ideas to keep in mind.

Incorporate Your Name
There are some abstract company logos that are very effective—think of Nike’s swoosh—but these are few and far between. If you’re just building your business, having a logo that doesn’t incorporate your name or the name of your product means you will have to spend additional money educating people about the image. Including your company’s name in your logo gives it extra power as a promotional tool.

Keep It Simple
It can be tempting to develop an intricate logo design, but remember that your image needs to be functional above all else. Simple, easy-to-read logos are more effective than ones that are aesthetically pleasing but bury your company’s name. In addition, complex logos don’t translate well to printing, particularly on very small or very large items. Your logo won’t serve its purpose if it is difficult to read.

Leave It Alone
Once your logo is designed, don’t make changes. If you change your logo, you are essentially starting your marketing campaign over from scratch. The cost of re-educating your customers about your new brand identity will outweigh the benefits you reap from your logo overhaul. Changing your logo can also have negative effects on brand perception, as happened to Tropicana. The company lost a fifth of their sales within weeks of redesigning their logo.

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