What Makes Effective Business Banners

Business banners are a crucial traditional marketing tool, especially at events like trade shows. Effective business banners help you connect with your target audience, enhancing your brand by leaving a lasting impression. You likely already know how important business banners are as a traditional marketing material and the benefits they offer, but you may not know what will make them the most effective.

Here’s how you can make all your business banners as effective as they can be:

Consider where banners will be placed

When coming up with a size, shape, and design for your banner, you should consider what choices would work best for where your banner will be. You don’t want a banner that is too large or too small, nor do you want any part of the environment to obscure a portion of your branding and message. To be most effective, business banners should fit the space they’re in.

Clear, readable font

You’ve put a lot of time and effort into creating your branding messages, so you want to make sure people can read them. If they can’t, they won’t pay attention. Easy-to-read fonts will also translate well on any size banner.

Use bright, contrasting colors

Using contrasting colors, like red and green, blue and orange, and purple and yellow, to name a few, are a great way to stand out and draw the eye to your banner. These colors should also be bright, which will aid the overall readability of your banner.

Use high-resolution graphics and images

Using a low-resolution graphic or image that is pixelated, blurry, distorted, or just unclear will make the banner look unprofessional, hurting your brand image. Remember – the bigger the banner, the higher resolution picture you’ll need.

Include contact information

You can follow all of these tips above, but if your banner doesn’t have information like your company name, phone number, website, and physical location, potential customers likely won’t follow up. It’s important to tell viewers where they can go to purchase or learn more about you and your products or services later.

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